3D Lifting Facials

These treatments use a non-invasive, multi-polar radio frequency device to stimulate the dermal layer of collagen to promote firming and elasticity. Choose them alone or combine for deeper effect with your favourite facial treatments.


Facial Lifting Treatment 

Neck Lifting Treatment 

Eye Lifting Treatment 

Partial Body Dredging Treatment

(Neck and shoulder, waist, back)

Leg Firming Treatment 

Anti-Aging Treatment (Suzhou Only)

Multi radio frequency energy stimulates collagen proliferation, promoting dermal layer recovery, making the dermis firm and elastic. Blue light firms and lifts, improving sagging skin. The product works directly on the bottom layer of the skin, improving product permeability for a more effective treatment. 

OxyGeneo Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (Xinle Only)

The breakthrough OxyGeneo™ technology can deeply exfoliate your skin while oxygenating and infusing product directly into it. Efficiently tightens and firms your face contours; helps to hydrate and nourish; revitalizes dull skin and smoothes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Ladies Only

Voluptuous Woman (Breast care)

We know that everyday life can take its toll on your body so we have developed a tranquil way for you to tighten sagging breasts, restore skin elasticity, and prevent further sagging. You’ll leave us feeling tighter, brighter, and healthier than ever.

A Lady's Secret  (Ovary care)

Awaken your inner woman with this unique treatment that will help to increase your body’s estrogen and hormone secretion. Increasing hormones will intensify your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism and increase your sex drive, making you feel youthful all over again.

Yummy Mummy (Pregnancy care)

A special treatment to help you get through the pressures of pregnancy. This treatment stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, increases oxygen flow, and improves sleep quality. It also helps to enhance the physical and psychological bond between a mother and her unborn child.

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