Classic Elegance

Classic Facials

BIODROGA combines the most sophisticated ingredients with highly efficient high-tech components. Researched, developed and manufactured in its own laboratories in Baden-Baden.

Sensitive Skin Repair Treatment

This treatment is particularly suited for those with very sensitive, delicate oroily skin, as well as for skin prone to neurodermatitis

Firming Facial Treatment

Turn back the clock with this effective treatment for skin that tends to develop fine lines and wrinkles or that has lost elasticity. Makes your skin full and firm in the shortest possible time. 

Deep Cleansing Treatment

Go deep beneath the surface with this treatment. Your skin is cleaned deep down to the pores, while inflammations are soothed and skin tone refined. Leaves your skin smoother, supple and pleasing to the eye - and to the touch. 

Deep Moisturising Treatment

Say goodbye to dry or gloomy skin with this deeply nourishing treatment. Combines the detoxifying benefits of crystal balls – to open your pores, eliminate toxins and make your skin silky smooth – with a crystal moisturising mask, to your skin and facial muscles a deep moisture boost. 

Daily Care Treatment

Sit back, relax and enjoy every minute of our comforting Daily Care Treatment. Fill up on the energy you need to face the challenges of the day, while giving your skin living beauty.


Refreshing Facial Packages

Beijing Bliss

(Moisturizing Booster Treatment + Eye Contour Treatment)

Combines our Moisturizing Booster Treatment with an Eye Contour Treatment and includes a 10 min head, shoulder and arm massage. Especially beneficial when the seasons change or to de-stress from the pressures of work.


Shanghai Glow

(Deep Moisturizing Treatment + Eye Contour Treatment)

Combines our Deep Moisturizing Treatment with an Eye Contour Treatment. This package includes a 10 min head, shoulder and arm massage while the mask is applied for a truly blissful experience.


4 Seasons Treatments

Splendid Bamboo Treatment

Precious Lotus Extract conditions demanding skin. Skin benefits from Caviar Concentrate combined with an innovative massage by bamboo sticks. The high-carat ingredients are particularly well absorbed by the skin while the pampering textures of Lotus will leave your skin radiant and bright. An unforgettable wellness experience.

Crystal Soothing Spa Treatment

The crystal’s natural energy is applied with different pressure to comfort the nerves below, strengthen the skin, and improve energy absorption. Skin and muscles are moistened, banishing away gloomy and grey skin. Your skin will shine anew.

Moisturizing Booster Treatment

The sophisticated combination of a Power Moist Mask and Vitamin Honey Mask in this treatment will give you an extraordinary moisture kick for supple skin. Skin feels refreshed, relaxed and even. Dryness and wrinkles simply vanish.

Javentine Stamp Treatment

Combines Jade and Aventurine to enhance deep relaxation and awaken the energies that lie dormant in your skin. An extraordinary wellness treatment for demanding skin that will balance your skin improving its elasticity and leaving you radiant for the ultimate in skincare luxury. 


Facial Add-Ons

Collagen Mask

This mask revitalizes and deeply hydrates your skin, while stimulating circulation and cellular activity. It improves texture and plumps up lines leaving you with supple, moisturized skin and a long-lasting glow.

Eye Contour Treatment

This anti-aging eye treatment reduces fine lines and puffiness. Truly revitalizing for tired eyes.

Neck Lifting Treatment

Strengthens and smoothes your neck’s skin texture, slowing down the appearance and advance of wrinkles. 

Collagen  Neck Mask

Collagen  Eye Mask





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