Sophisticated Luxury

Sophisticated Luxury

Enjoy one of the world’s most legendary luxury facial products. Born on the hills above Montreaux in the beginning of 19th century, overlooking Lake Geneva, this Swiss brand has has been adored for years by wealthy customers, government leaders and famous celebrities around the world – such as former French president Charles de Gaulle and actress Sophia Loren.

Facial Care

Discovery Treatment - Basic 

Many factors such as dry weather, air conditioning and body disorder, can impair water retention of your skin. Lacking moisture, skin becomes dark and fine lines appear. The Discovery Treatment – Basic is specially designed for dehydrated skin.It quickly improves moisture storage and skin nutrition while smoothing fine lines Restores the tenderness of your skin and brings forth its radiance.

Skin Moist Essence Treatment 

Crystal white skin is the ultimate dream for Asian ladies and why we created the Skin Moist Essence treatment. Contains Arbutin protein, Three ion DNA & RNA and other rich active ingredients. Provides effective control of melanoma cell production, desalination and reduces pigmentation. At the same time brings deep moisturizing to the skin, brightens skin tone, makes skin even, white and bright.

Express Discovery Treatment  

Even the busy lady can justify indulging in this express facial. Our Express Discovery Treatment is the optimum choice for busy ladies because in only 45 minutes we can provide you the full benefits of an effortless rejuvenating basic facial treatment. 

Prime AWF Firming Lifting Treatment* 

Wrinkles may appear more often and more quickly due to a combination of internal and external influences. This special AWF Firming Lifting Treatment focuses on eliminating wrinkles. When combined with special anti-wrinkle factors, it slows down the appearance of wrinkles and restores the natural elasticity of the skin to ensure you look years younger.


Neck Care

Neck Care Treatment

Modern women face high tension in daily life, leading to functional disorders of the body, malnutrition and poor circulation, and subsequently loose skin around the neck. It is important to pay attention to the neck as well because it directly complements our facial contours. This Neck Care treatment is the optimum choice to give you a beautiful neckline.


Eye Care

Prime AWF Dermo Structuring Eye Treatment *

The lipids of eye skin are 4 times less fragile than those of the face, but twice as tender, so problems such as dryness, looseness and wrinkles appear relatively faster here than on the face. The AWF Dermo Structuring Eye Treatment stimulates production of new collagen, increases moisture retention, reduces eye wrinkles, lifts the eyes and recovers their firmness. It smoothes micro-circulation and reduces pigmentation around the eyes.

Prime AWF Line Reducer Eye Treatment *

Humans blink on average 10,000 times a day, but our eye skin is fragile and lacks sebum secretion, making it easier for eye wrinkles to appear. The AWF Line Reducer Eye Treatment firms up the skin around your eyes to restore their natural twinkle.

Eye Contour Treatment

Because the skin around your eyes is very delicate, careful protection is needed to solve common problems, such as fine lines, dry lines, dark circles, edema and looseness. This Eye Contour Treatment is definitely the optimum choice.


Collagen Series

Collagen Mask

Collagen Eye Mask

Collagen Neck Mask


*Available in selected Retreats only

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