Classic Massage

Aroma Oil Massage

Lavender oil is perfect for treating insomnia. It is sedative and calming for the emotions and mind. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and muscular aches and pain. Restores energy and fosters overall well-being.

Lymphatic Drainage

An invigorating full body detox treatment with soothing lavender oil that focuses on removing toxins from your lymph nodes to naturally strengthen your body’s immune system. Releases blockages from your energy channels and improves blood circulation. Stimulates cellular regeneration and boosts overall health.

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone massage treatment will promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation, improve blood circulation and calm the psyche. Nothing beats a Hot Stone massage to ward off the winter chill, re-invigorate a tired body, increase your vitality and improve your mood.

Warm Detox

Starting from the legs that support you, we use soft and slow hand movements to direct the flow of lymphatic drainage. Give your body a sense of lightness with a combination of body warming essential oil to care for your gall bladder, stomach channels and belly. Speed up your circulation and metabolism. Refresh your body and your soul.

Advanced Chinese Massage

In addition to classic Chinese massage therapy, we enhance the precision of massage to directly treat the pain points of your body. With the support of essential oil and stone needles, the treatment relieves your legs and feet to give you a full-body relaxation.

Top to Toe

Our signature therapy, a combination of aroma oil foot massage with head, shoulder and arm massage by two therapists at the same time guarantees you will leave our Retreat feeling as light as a dragonfly.

Aroma Oil Foot Massage

Begin with an essential oil foot bath. Then combine the benefits of an invigorating traditional brushing with an Aroma Oil massage on your lower legs, feet and soles. Improves blood flow and energy channel circulation. Releases anxiety and tension. Improves sleep quality. Ideal for anyone with poor circulation.

Hot Stone Foot Massage

The combination of plant essence and ore heat works in the plantar reflex area to strengthen the organ function, relieve the fatigue from deep inside of your body. At the same time, the acceleration of fluid flow will promote the body's metabolism, and fully re-energize your body.



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