Detox Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Oil Massage

An invigorating full body detox treatment with soothing lavender oil that focuses on removing toxins from your lymph nodes to naturally strengthen your body’s immune system. Releases blockages from your energy channels and improves blood circulation. Stimulates cellular regeneration and boosts overall health.


East Meets West

An energy boosting full body detox treatment utilizing deep brushing by our caring therapist. Focuses mainly on the back and waist, legs and belly areas and helps to shape your body while also eliminating toxins.


Break It Down

A slimming spot treatment to clear your energy channels while focusing on a specific body part you wish to slim. Choose any one of the following: back and waist, legs, belly, arms or buttocks (ladies only).


Aroma Oil Foot Massage

Begin with an essential oil foot bath. Then combine the benefits of an invigorating traditional brushing with an Aroma Oil massage on your lower legs, feet and soles. Improves blood flow and energy channel circulation. Releases anxiety and tension. Improves sleep quality. Ideal for anyone with poor circulation.













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