Traditional Chinese Massage


Traditional Chinese Top to Toe

This luxurious four hands treatment by our senior therapists combines the benefits of a TCM Head, Neck and Shoulder massage with our unique TCM Foot massage. Unblocks energy channels to feed a rich supply of oxygen to the brain to naturally boost creativity. A truly therapeutic way to relax your nerves, improve blood circulation, release tiredness and invigorate your body’s own immune system and internal organs. You must try this at least once in a lifetime!


Traditional Chinese Aroma Oil Massage

Combines the blissful pleasure of an Aroma Oil massage with the healing effects of a traditional Chinese treatment – delivered exclusively by our expert practitioner. The skilled hands of our therapist combine with our special blend of pure essential oils, to penetrate deep into your skin, relieving sore muscles and infusing your body with natural healing energy and nutrients.


Traditional Chinese Body Massage

Our expert practitioner will diagnosis your pain points and then use traditional Chinese massage techniques (rolling, pressing, kneading, pushing, shaking) along with skillful finger pressure to provide a customized treatment where you most need it to alleviate your pain. Boosts your energy as it helps you to heal naturally from within.


Traditional Chinese Foot Massage

Based on ancient Chinese philosophy, our expert practitioner stimulates the reflex areas and accupoints on the foot one by one with traditional techniques such as rolling, one thumb massage, palm kneading, scrubbing, pressuring and rotating to relax muscles and tendons, remove obstruction in meridians, and to relieve acute and chronic ankle sprains, painful heels and ankle soft tissue problems.


Traditional Chinese Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This stimulating head, neck and shoulder massage by our senior therapist is perfect to deal with any particular aches and pains you may be suffering. It pays particular attention to the often neglected neck area, strengthening the ligaments while making them more flexible. Reduces muscle stiffness, neck pain and improves blood circulation. An ideal choice for the white collar office worker.



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