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Come Relax with Us!

Dragonfly is China's leading chain of contemporary urban retreats offering relaxing massage and beauty services to busy expatriates, weary travellers, and sophisticated local customers.

Dragonfly Retreats are oases of calm that feature fusion Asian decor, dim lighting, tranquil sounds, wonderful fragrances and a romantic ambience second to none. Stylish places to be pampered alone, with a partner or a friend. 

  • Beijing Yansha Membership Offer


    Beijing Yansha Membership Offer

    *Purchase RMB 10000 membership card, Receive RMB 4630 Bonus
    -Extra RMB 2500 credit
    -Dragonfly Bonus Discount Vouchers worth RMB 2130

    *Purchase RMB 5000 membership card, Receive RMB2060 Bonus
    -Extra RMB 1000 credit
    -Dragonfly Bonus Discount Vouchers worth RMB 1060

    *Purchase RMB 3000 membership card, Receive RMB 980 Bonus
    -Extra RMB 300 credit
    -Dragonfly Bonus Discount Vouchers worth RMB 680

    RMB 10,000 RMB 5,000 RMB 3,000
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