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Experience the Benefits of a Professional Facial Treatment

Wherever we are our skincare requirements change with the seasons. Whatever age we may be and whatever our skin colour, our skin has its own unique needs that requires constant care and attention for us to look and feel our best.

Living in (or simply visiting) China’s fast paced cities, however, presents us with additional challenges of stress and pollution that must also be dealt with or they can have a serious impact on our skin and our overall health and well-being.

To help you deal with these issues Dragonfly works with only the best European skincare lines to deliver you supremely relaxing, skincare treatments that work. Whether you are looking for a simple cleansing, an effective anti-aging treatment, a neckline or an eye care treatment, we have the solutions for you featuring premium European facial brands.


Swiss Les Alpages Facials


Les Alpages Nourishing Treatment


Les Alpages Brightening Treatment


Les Alpages Repairing Treatment

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